Probiotic solutions:
Probiotics are considered by science fragile micro-organisms and formulating effective products of the highest quality is the best demand, precision and expert knowledge is the product value. Probiotic health solutions are based on scientific/nutritional/ formulations. All formulations must comply with the scientific and nutritional aspects. We also offer solutions in different health areas: -Digestive health -Immune health -Women´s health

The probiotic values:
Selecting the best probiotic strains for your metabolic needs normally could be complicated. Not all are equal, some have their formulas but not all formulas are effective. Probiotics must have this scientific/ molecular specifications: -The right formula -The right strains for you -The right amount when consumed and when delivered

The excellence:
Rama Rochester number one mission is to generate long and sustainable supplements and provide distinct competitive advantages to succeed in the highly competitive market place. We only can do this by making always innovative, high quality and competitive know how supplement solutions. Rama Rochester research team collaborates with an extensive scientific network, research facilities and biotech companies in search of novel nutritional supplements & probiotic cultures for current and notably new health divisions. This also includes the selection of the best ingridients with unique properties.

Probiotics the science behind:

The word probiotics is derived from the Greek Pro (for) and bios (life) so by other words "for life". By this way we can say probiotics is today generalized by an used definition: Live microorganisms when administered in a certain adequate and correct amounts can offer an positive health. Probiotic since born in the 20th century from a Nobel Prize Eli Metchnikoff who suggested that the long, healthy live of Bulgarian peasants resulted from the consumption of long term fermented milk products. He thought that if we consumed, high amounts of probiotics can influenced positively the microflora, increasing immunity and decreasing toxic microbial functions. Probiotics & their beneficial effects: -Production of antimicrobial substances -Stimulation of mucin production -Stabilization of the intestinal barrier -Immune modulation -Improvement of gut barrier -Increasing nutrient metabolism

Probiotics & Functional Foods:

Not all probiotics are the same, different probiotics may differ from their health and molecular properties. Just it says probiotic this doesnt mean it is a good probiotic. Many probiotic supplements do not have probiotic cultures shown to be molecular effective or do not have an adequate deliver levels of live strains.

What means CFU?

CFU means "Colony Forming Units". All probiotic strains are measured in CFU´s. A probiotic supplement with a larger dosage is not necessarily the one, it depends on the formula, in the ingredients and if have a specific temperature variation molecule.

Reaching your health harmony:

Exists thousands of scientific studies and articles that confirm the science behind probiotics and what they can do for us, some of this benefits can include the increasing the immune function, gastrointestinal health, improving the ability to fight off colds, promoting healthy vaginal tracts, increasing digestion of lactose and also other kind of metabolic benefits.

Probiotic Nutrition Health- your bowel department:

Probiotic micro-organisms can modulate the effect of potentially harmful bacteria strains, impact host´s the gastrointestinal tract, defense system and may influence some metabolic and cellular functions. Probiotic strains can be positive bacterias in our microbiota. However, many persons do not know but the probiotic strains can´t resist very well to the stomach, this happens because of its low ph and high acidity. Gastrointestinal tract system can considered as the body´s largest immune organ. More than 90% of the human immune defenses are in the gastrointestinal tract, makinf them one of the most vital sides of our body. At birth, mamals have an gastrointestinal tract is more and less near to sterile. The immune defense health system only starts functioning as mature as a result of bacteria exposure. Probiotics and prebiotics can work positively for the bowels. Probiotics are live micro-organisms, they have large health potential for a greater impact in the intestinal system. Prebiotics are different from probiotics, they enhance the growth of positive microbiota bacterias. Prebiotics stimulates the bowels and probiotics gives them good live micro-organisms.