Healthcare Products

We make the difference


We view consumer safety to be our fore most resonsability that´s why all our new products and ingredients are subject to rigorous safety testing.
RAMA ROCHESTER has been commited to applying its full expertise and research resources toward providing our consumers with the highest quality.

At RAMA ROCHESTER, we believe that lasting business success in built upon ethical standards can guide us to a growth and a genuine sense of responsibility to the community.

Our innovations must have a very positive impact on the individual as well as on society as whole.

By being constantly aware of the expectations of our consumers around the whole world, we can anticipate science...

At RAMA ROCHESTER, we're passionate about improving quality of life and healthcare.

To be innovative: At RAMA ROCHESTER, we leverage our outstanding scientific resources, global leadership and scale to develop new innovative products that will make a real difference in people's lives.

An innovative products is the result of the discovery of a new organic formulas, as well as research how it can be used to treat or prevent health issues.


RAMA ROCHESTER values guide how we interact with each other as we conduct the business according to five pillars.

The Respect for others:
. We demonstrate the value we hold for one another
. We act with respect towards our colleagues and others with whom we interact. . We communicate openly and candidly and address our differences professionally.
. We emphasize teamwork, value each person’s contribution, and collaborate in confidence and trust.

Company Integrity:
. We do what is right.
. We are committed to conducting our business with individual and organizational integrity.
. We comply with the law and avoid conflicts of interest.
. We are reliable, honest and trustworthy in our dealings.

Our vision in the market:
. We accept personal responsibility for everything that we do and we lead by example.
. We treat the Company’s reputation as our own and try to make wise use of our time and the company’s resources.
. We take responsibility for performing at our best and strive to achieve our own and the company’s potential.
. We are committed to a culture of shared responsibility that promotes a safe, healthy and high performing workforce.