Dr. Fernando Rama
Executive President



Dr. Joaquim Herédia Rama




A family of unique characters and creative geniuses

The principal concept of
RAMA ROCHESTER HealthCare Portugal was born 58 years ago, with the introduction in the portuguese market of the first dietary supplement.

During all this time we had and have the highest standards of quality.

Our products have scientific investigation with the latest developments that exist in the world. As a result of this,
RAMA ROCHESTER HealthCare Portugal in our days is internationally implemented, offering products with high prestige that have all pharmaceutical standards.

The three generations of the Rama family gave and give our concept of preventive medicine, with high quality products at competitive prices.

If you have the ambition to leader your market, then contact us to distribute our products. And we will help you to establish the brand.
If you have any doubt that you want to ask us, please don't hesitate in contact us.